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Last Friday we moved into our new office space in the Old Mill District. Of course the hot weather decided to show up just for the move. I'm sure you know the rest: moving is hard, blah blah blah.

On the day prior to moving, we found out that the window blinds for our space were back ordered. Yep, lot's of windows and computer screens don't mix very well. Of course, that wouldn't be the only issue we'd be facing. Not something that was apparent on moving day, since carrying boxes, setting up computers, etc isn't a typical work day.

On Monday we knew the lack of window blinds would make the space somewhat less than ideal for working, with sunlight pouring through the windows onto our desks. The glare was an annoyance, but it soon became very obvious that the office itself was hot. And when I say hot, I mean DAMN HOT. Monday was dreadful. On Tuesday I wore shorts instead of pants. Yes, it was DAMN HOT.

On Tuesday it continued. Too make matters worse, the window next to my desk has a view of Ben & Jerry's. Yep, all day I watched people sitting outside eating ice-cream cones, milk shakes and smoothies. Soon, I found myself developing a form of OCD. This is how my mind was working:

GLARE! CAN'T SEE! TOO HOT! GLARE! CAN'T SEE! TOO HOT! what was I supposed to be working on again? GLARE! CAN'T SEE! TOO HOT! want ice-cream... want ice-cream... GLARE! CAN'T SEE! TOO HOT!

Yesterday I brought in a digital thermometer to see how bad it really was.

At 8:00am it read 72.0F (which wasn't bad), but by 9:30am it was already 80.2F. Ugg. It continued to raise at a steady rate until about 2:00pm where it stood at 85.6F.

hot office

And from here on out, it took off.

hot office

hot office

By 4:00pm it reached 89.6F. I wasn't even sitting at my desk, since the glare and heat were unbearable.

hot office

hot office

By 5:00pm it was almost 92.0F at my desk. I'm sure it got even hotter, since the sun was glaring through behind me to the west. The scary part is that the high outside was only 85F. Yes, it was much cooler outside.

This morning wasn't looking promising either with temperatures inside in the high 70's at 7:30am. Thankfully after some back and forth with emails early this morning, HVAC crews were in to check out the problem. So, things are better. Not quite perfect yet. Instead of mid-80's were only in the high 70's. Of course it's almost time for the afternoon sun to start blasting us from the west side.

So, for now my OCD has subsided. Too bad there's also a box of donuts in the kitchen.

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