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Not Quite The Fairy Tale I Had Hoped For


do the evil thing

Now that my focus has shifted from the heat and glare in our new office back to reality, I can recap some reality that I was forced into back in late June.

Yep, FORCED into.

On June 23rd, my dad married Pam in Hawaii. Nothing wrong with that. Love and happiness and all that jazz. However a situation soon developed afterwards. I'm not saying that people change simply because of a title, but I'm just going to get it out there with this statement: I went from an only child, to having a stepmother and two stepsisters.

Sounds familiar doesn't it?

My own Cinderella

Yep, this was my new reality.

And you all know how the story goes: An EVIL STEPMOTHER and EVIL STEPSISTERS are not a good thing.

My own Cinderella

It's not like they all sat around and planned it, but certain things are expected when new rolls are inherited:

Clean up your room! No dessert for you! Do the laundry! Scrub the bathroom! Take out the trash! No television for you!

And we don't even live at the same house! Madness.

The question is what can I do about it?

Ahhh.. maybe just admit it's really just a fairy tale.

My own Cinderella

Ha ha.

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