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When Zombies and Vampires Put On Roller Skates, Bring The Toddler


Zombies V Vampires on wheels

Had it really been that long since I last attended a Roller Derby bout in Bend? I guess so, since I couldn't remember seeing any matches in the last few years or finding any photos in my archives. Well, I scored some tickets on 92.9fm and thought it would be a good chance to watch some action AND bring the family.

Yes, time for The Teacher and Magnus to experience the joys of Roller Derby.

All of my previous experience was watching the Lava City Roller Girls at the Indoor Sports Center. This match was with the Renegade Roller Girls at the old roller rink downtown. I basically knew that the lighting would be challenging for getting some photos, so I decided to bring my flash and use it off-camera.

When we arrived it was loud and dark. Magnus was ready to jam. I spotted a ledge in the right corner that was perfect for placing my flash. It was a stretch for me to reach the ledge, which meant it would be safe during the bout.

I decided to take a test shot without the flash to see how bad it was.

Renegade Roller Girls 2011

Even though my lens was at f2, this shot took 1.3 seconds at ISO-200. Not exactly a fast shutter speed for capturing action.

So, with my flash in the corner firing, I took another test shot.

Renegade Roller Girls 2011

Ahhhh...much better. So, the action started and I was ready to capture as much of it as I could.

Renegade Roller Girls 2011

Renegade Roller Girls 2011

Renegade Roller Girls 2011

Renegade Roller Girls 2011

There was certainly plenty of action. There was a theme of Zombies versus Vampires which also made this a must-photograph event.

Renegade Roller Girls 2011

There were plenty of fights and pushing and shoving. I felt like it was a bit over the top, compared to the Lava City Roller Girls, but it certainly kept it from getting boring. There was one major crash that stopped the action. Thankfully, the skater was fine.

Renegade Roller Girls 2011

The other interesting aspect of the Renegade Roller Girls, is that some of the girls shave their faces.

Renegade Roller Girls 2011

No, not bearded ladies. I thought the mix of men and women made it interesting, considering the blatant violence.

Renegade Roller Girls 2011

Overall, it was a fun event with good culture for The Teacher and Magnus. I mean, what toddler wouldn't appreciate Roller Derby?

You can see my complete set of photos of the Zombies and Vampires on flickr.

Until next time.

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