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The Robots Have More To Fear, The Man From The Red Planet Is Here


Lars of Mars

Much like his older brother, The Mighty Magnus, a second mystical one from the future arrived.


Robots beware (once again)! Robots beware (once again)! Here is a real look at the second future robot fighter named Lars:


Prior to arrival, The Teacher was reading up on the possible higher level mental communication that could be in her future with Lars' arrival.


Although, he did arrive kicking and screaming (like his brother), he soon came home and kicked back, ready for a sandwich with his name-brand mustard.


For now the robots have little to fear, but I'm sensing that like the rest of us, this 8lb 6oz, 21 inch long child (while smalled than his brother at 10lb 12oz, 22 1/2 inch long) will continue to live up to his name: Lars from Mars.


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Jake said:

Congrats on #2!

The Teacher said:

I love this. Beautiful and sweet.

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