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Before The Little Man from the Red Planet was sent home, he spent his first night sleeping (with us) at the hospital.

more with Lars

Of course the Little Monkey had to make a visit. He had to introduce himself, since there's a good chance the two of them will be working together in the future.

The Teacher was also doing quite well, after resting and having some real food.

more with Lars

So, with the first day with Lars complete, we headed off to bed. Nothing like trying to fit on a makeshift bed when you are 6'-10". And, of course, the little man, made his presence known during the night. So, in other words...

In the morning we were mostly refreshed (considering), and ready for a day of taking it easy.

more with Lars

Big sister Chloe visited for a bit and had her chance to hold Lars, while he still was easily under the 10 pound mark (trust me, it won't last long).

more with Lars

Of course I took advantage and also got a candid shot with some added lighting. Yes, The Teacher packed the toothbrushes, change of clothes and those sorts of things, while I had a bag packed full of camera gear.

more with Lars

We were able to go home after dinner, which was nice since we had a much more comfortable bed and a better TV.

Magnus got another chance to spend some time around his new brother. He was very good, which meant Lars didn't have to sleep with both eyes open.

more with Lars

Of course it didn't take long for Lars to become more alert, which meant photo time!

more with Lars

Hey, I said awake.

more with Lars

At least he thought about it.

more with Lars

And finally.

more with Lars

The little man wants you to know, there will be plenty more in the near future.

more with Lars

He just needs to bulk up a little. The monkey suit still is a little too roomy. ;)

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The Teacher said:

Ok husband, a photo of me in a hospital nursing gown? You're killing me. :)

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