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Cyclocross Love



Yes, this weekend in Bend, the USGP The Deschutes Brewery Cup cyclocross races are on.

I'm a believer that cyclocross is a bike race you never want to miss if you are into photography. Simply put, it's that good.


A little over a month ago, there was racing here prior to Halloween. The good was there were more costumes than you could shake a stick at. The bad was it was dry and dusty as hell.


I'm hoping they water the course if it's still dry as a bone. The forecast calls for possible snow, but that probably won't be enough moisture to bring out the mud. Yes, cyclocross without mud is like pizza without cheese.


It's going to be cold too, so I'm doubting that people will be too scantily dressed (in regards ti costumes). It was darn good last time.


Check out my photos from last month on flickr, if you want to see more.


Cross your fingers for sleet.

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